Tricia Monique,
Writer. Producer. Creative.

I always thought there was something intriguing about the art of connecting souls, so much so, that in 2010 I would begin a movement that would thrive on the belief that if we learn to appreciate the differences that make us unique, we can then embrace the characteristics we share.

From that day forth, my talents as a creative visionary would align with my passion to connect us all on a deeper level;

And so, THE SOULTRY GROUP was born.

Now, all I do is eat, sleep and create. This what I was born to do. I was BORN CREATIVE.  My lifestyle brand created to remind us all that our talents are our gifts and our purpose no matter from what walk of life you’ve emerged.

I invite you to follow my journey as a Creative Visionary, a Creative Brand, and a Creative Community of all things #soultry.


Talk to you soon...


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